For Music Supervisors

We can e-mail you an MP3 or send a rush CD of anything you'd like to hear from the website. Please visit the Our Catalog, Administrated Clients or New Independent Finds. We love them all. Any song you may require that we publish or co-control, we can obtain quotes immediately. We have alternate masters of many songs too...just ask! It is our pleasure to accommodate your special requests.


We have a Dillards' two-CD song compilation, 45-song set for TV and Film Supervisor's and Advertising Agencies only. We are well known in publishing globally and we have hundreds of original bands with Songs %26 Masters (all precleared) in any style of music you may need for a production, as well as our in-house composers with studios that can create any type of custom music in 48 hours.

We obtain licenses fast, easily and painlessly and we strive to work with your production's budgetary needs. As a sole proprietor, we can be more flexible and competitive on quotes than any Indy in the business.

Here are some of the most popular Catalog songs requested for Film and TV. Click on highlighted songs to listen.

Hard Work (John Handy) (Universal)

Dooley (The Dillards) (Phish, String Cheese Incident and more)

King Tut (Steve Martin) (Colorado Music In-House)
We own Sync

There Is A Time (The Dillards) (Also, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Uncle Earl and more)

Penetration 1964 #18 Billboard Hit (The Pyramids)
With over 150 covers by The Ventures (20 Albums), Chantays, Surfaris, Steve Khan and over 150 other recordings by many artists and it has been featured in Ken Burns Baseball, Black Sheep, America's Most Talented Kids, MTV, CMT's Greatest Road Trips and much more. We own this famous song and the original master by The Pyramids, Best #102, Best #13002 and Best #Br16501.

King Of The Surf Guitar (Alonzo Willis) (Master Courtesy
Dick Dale)
Originally released on Capitol, Dick Dale and The Deltones, King Of The Surf Guitar, we have this song by special arrangement with Dick who owns the master and we co-publish the song. It was re-released on Better Shred Than Dead, The Dick Dale Box Set (Rhino) and on Cowabunga,The Surf Box (Rhino).

Peppermint Man (Alonzo Willis) (Master Courtesy Dick Dale)
This is the original master licensed to Capitol Records in the early 1960's (from the first LP release, Dick Dale and His Deltones, Surfer's Choice - Deltone LPM1001. Our staff writer Alonzo B. Willis, who coined the name for Dick Dale and wrote song #2, penned this song.

Wild Ideas (Alonzo Willis) (Master Courtesy Dick Dale)
Originally released as a 45 single on Capitol Records, Deltone owns the master. By special arrangement with Dick, we co-publish the song. This is a rarity and great track for surfing and/or girl watching scenes.

Old Home Place (The) - The Dillards

Dreamboat (Jack Hoffman) - Alma Cogan (EMI Records)

Banjo In The Hollow (The Dillards) Alt Master and EKL

So Goes Love (Benny Ray) Charles Brown (Polygram Records)

Stomp Look And Listen (Wright/Porrazzo) - The Remarkables
We own Master

I'll Always Remember You (Jack Hoffman/Jimmy MacDonald) - Nat King Cole (Capitol Records)

Sipsey (Ginger Boatwright/Mark Howard) - Ginger Boatwright
We control Master

Baby Mine (Bill Henderson) - (Verve)

Darlin Boys (Rodney Dillard)

Doug's Tune (Rodney %26 Douglas Dillard)

Old Man At The Mill (Rodney %26 Douglas Dillard)

The Roach (Gene And Wendell) (Hairspray)
We do have an Alt Master.

Ooh Whee Marie aka Ooh Wee Marie
Dick Dale's first recording from 1958 (rockabilly style) was found in Dick's personal archives and re-released in 1997 on Rhino Records, Dick Dale - Better Shred Than Dead, The Box Set. Here's a bit of rock trivia, Jack Hoffman our beloved founder penned this song for Dick. He owned the first indy record label that signed Dick, as a minor in 1958, to his very first recording contract. The teenage Dick Dale had movie star, classic good looks but had yet to make his debut in Beach Blanket Bingo. Our good friend, Dick Dale (Deltone Records) owns these masters and we can clear them for you.